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Understanding Hip Pain and Achieving Wellness

man hip mobility exerciseAt Spine Body Collective, we understand the connection between hip and lower back pain, both of which can impact your quality of life and make performing even the simplest of tasks challenging. We focus on restoring proper mobility through personalized care plans, facilitating better motion and stability to alleviate discomfort and improve overall well-being.

These two areas are linked together by an interconnected network of muscles and joints in the lower body. When hips lack proper mobility, it can affect the pelvis and the movement of the lower back, resulting in tightness and discomfort. Conversely, low back tightness may lead to the need for increased movement through the hips, causing stress and pain in the hip joints. Our comprehensive evaluation considers all these connections to discover the root of your problem and provide tailored care to address it.

Relieving Pain Naturally and Holistically

Our approach involves various techniques to restore hip mobility and alleviate low back pain. Whether through massage, chiropractic care, or muscle activation, we work to reduce adhesions, manipulate the pelvis, and restore proper muscle strength. By focusing on facilitating better motion and stability, we target the core and hip muscles and address the underlying issues contributing to discomfort.

To help improve mobility in your hips, be sure to check out Dr. Ryan’s YouTube video!

Comprehensive Care for Lasting Relief

Our holistic approach includes exercises to relieve tension in the hip flexors and promote better circulation. Consistent stretching and activating the muscles of the core and legs can help alleviate pressure on the lower back, providing long-term relief and improved well-being.

At Spine Body Collective, we also offer shockwave therapy to boost circulation into deep hip muscles and promote tissue healing. This technique helps heal and loosen the affected tissues, providing relief and promoting overall recovery.

Take That First Step Toward Relief & Healing

If you seek relief from hip pain and a comprehensive approach to natural wellness, Spine Body Collective is here. Book an appointment today with Centennial chiropractor Dr. Ryan Ronnebaum and massage and bodywork therapist Kegan Bower!

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