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Migraine and Headache Relief In Centennial, CO

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A variety of factors can cause migraines and headaches, but often tension in the cervical spine (neck) plays a part. Our lives these days involve hours driving, sitting at desks and looking down at phones or other devices (“tech neck”). Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball, and your neck was not designed to hold that bowling ball in these unstable positions for hours on end. The result is often a great deal of muscular tension and stress in the neck, which can affect the mobility of the joints. And all of this may cause pain that we experience as headaches or migraines.

Our Approach

At Spine Body Collective, we have over a decade of experience helping clients with migraines and tension headaches find the relief they were looking for. Dr. Ryan incorporates soft tissue techniques such as Graston Technique and Muscle Activation Technique to address muscular tension, reduce adhesions and improve the stability and strength of the cervical muscles. This can take the stress off your neck and reduce or eliminate headaches.

How Long Does It Take?

Most clients see some level of relief within a couple of visits. Of course, your neck did not get this tight and inflamed overnight, so complete healing will take longer and will often require nutritional and lifestyle changes to augment our care.

Celebrating Successes

We love when our clients get the results they were looking for with our approach! We have a client who lived with migraines as a daily fact of life for years—she had them several times a week, with auras and sensitivity to light and sound.

With regular care, she almost never gets a migraine, and when she does, it’s very mild.

Our comprehensive care was focused on restoring balance to her body, reducing stress levels and getting more movement in her neck and shoulders. She continues to see us for wellness care to keep her body healthy and functioning optimally.

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