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Pregnancy Chiropractic In Centennial, CO

Pregnant woman smiling at her bellyWhen you’re pregnant, your body goes through a great deal of change in a short period of time. All of that change can create stress and imbalance in your body, which can diminish your enjoyment of this special time.

At Spine Body Collective, we offer safe, gentle chiropractic care to help our expecting moms feel and function their best.

Our Approach

Dr. Ryan has over a decade of experience working with moms-to-be and tailoring our gentle care to each client’s specific needs and preferences. When you’re pregnant, the hormone relaxin causes your ligaments to loosen. While this is important to allow your pelvis the flexibility to give birth, that ligament laxity can cause your pelvis to become imbalanced easily.

Chiropractic adjustments help to restore pelvic alignment and proper mobility, which reduces inflammation in the area. Many women also experience low back pain and tightness in the ribs and chest from postural changes during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapies may help with these.

When your pelvis can move as it should, it can even make delivery easier on both you and your baby.

When to Start Care

We recommend beginning care as soon as your body starts changing physically. Once your baby bump is showing, your body is likely to lose stability because of the relaxin, so it’s a good time to get started with care.

As long as you’re feeling and moving well, we’ll probably want to see you once every two to three weeks in your second and third trimester. But toward your delivery date, we like to see you weekly to keep your pelvis moving optimally.

Your Comfort Is Paramount

Many women don’t want their necks adjusted during pregnancy, and that’s okay. We’ll never do anything you’re not comfortable with, and Dr. Ryan will explain everything so you understand what’s happening.

Adjustments are quick and easy when you’re pregnant, because of the laxity of your ligaments. We also have pillows if you need some support in certain positions.

Schedule Today

We want to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Contact us today to book an appointment!


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