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Nutritional Counseling In Centennial, CO

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At Spine Body Collective, we offer a whole-body approach to help our clients achieve their highest levels of health and wellness. This includes education about the importance of nutrition in supporting your body’s ability to function and move optimally.

Comprehensive Care

Nutrition is not a separate service with us—we believe it’s so important that we talk with every client about their diet and supplements.

The goal of our chiropractic care and massage therapy is to help reduce neural stress and inflammation throughout the body. That can’t be fully effective if the foods you’re eating are not supporting your overall health.

We’ll talk about gut-health issues, overall body inflammation and other common issues, and we’ll make recommendations based on your specific situation.

Hydration Is Key

One thing that’s extremely important is getting plenty of water. Most people get far less water than their body needs to function well and eliminate inflammation.


Eating nutritious foods is also important. But even if you eat “right,” many of our food sources today don’t contain the quantity of nutrients that they did in the past. Most people can benefit from some supplementation to help boost immunity, fight inflammation and more. We offer Xymogen® and Standard Process® supplements and will make recommendations based on your specific needs. These brands are top quality, research-based and made with quality, pure ingredients. You may purchase Xymogen products through our online storefront.

How Supplementation and Chiropractic Work Together

When your body has inflammation or nutritional deficiencies, it adds more stress to the body. The more stress you have, the less likely your body will hold your adjustments. So if your nutrition is “off,” your results won’t be as good as they could be.

We’re looking for long-term results, so we want to give you all the education and tools you need to help optimize your health and overall wellness. Nutrition and chiropractic care together provide better results than either one on its own.

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