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Muscle Activation Technique In Centennial, CO

Dr. Ryan adjusting a patient

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) is non-invasive therapy designed to assess and treat muscular imbalances and joint dysfunctions that lead to inflammation and reduced mobility. Restoring proper muscle balance and function allows our body to be more effective when performing normal daily tasks, or when we perform more strenuous activities such as exercise or athletics.

MAT is performed by evaluating joint range of motion and implementing precise muscle testing. Specific forces are applied to facilitate proper communication within the tissues and improve muscle efficiency.

Benefits of Muscle Activation Technique

  • Helps athletes of any level prevent injuries
  • Reduces spasms and cramping caused by muscle inhibition
  • Helps to speed up recovery from minor injuries or post surgical
  • Alleviates adverse effects of injures and overused muscles
  • Allows the body to maintain optimal efficiency and keep the muscular system stable


60 minute session that includes muscular assessment and correction: $100

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