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How Massage and Chiropractic Adjustments Boost Your Immune System

person sneezing into tissueThere’s been a lot of conversation recently about global illnesses and what we can do to prevent them. The best step is to avoid contact but most of us in the Denver metro area have some form of interaction with society. The next best thing is to have and maintain a strong immune system that can fend off some bugs entirely and reduce the effects of others.

Stress, injuries, fatigue, chronic pain and lack of sleep greatly diminish the immune system’s response and effectiveness. Many of us in the DTC have busy working lives, but our home lives and weekend activities also take a toll on the body.

Can Chiropractic Adjustments help your immune system fight off illness?

Of course, and massage can too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy mom that needs a break, an office worker trying to meet a deadline, or a full-time student stressing over finals, chances are that you’re due for a massage and an adjustment.

Our immune system naturally fights off disease infection through a variety of methods. It primarily protects us through identifying and eliminating pathogens, but it also enhances barriers like the skin to protect us from the external environment.

However, if we do not take care of our bodies properly our immune systems will become weak and we become more susceptible to disease. Reducing stresses on the body and fueling the body with proper nutrients, are two of the best ways to strengthen your immune system.

It is a known fact that stress depletes the body of many essential nutrients and stored biological products needed for a healthy life and for fighting pathogens. Both chiropractic adjustments and Massage therapy are proven to reduce stress levels in the body and facilitate improved blood and lymphatic circulation. Healthy circulation allows for the efficient removal of pathogens and toxins.

Can the immunocompromised benefit from chiropractic and massage?

Yes, they can. Massage naturally boosts the body’s collagen production to strengthen the skin and keeps the lymphatic system draining properly to remove harmful products in the bloodstream. Regular spinal adjustments keep the body in communication with the brain, which optimizes the reaction time of your immune system and orchestrates the removal of pathogens.

Should you get a massage or an adjustment when you’re sick?

As a rule of thumb, stay home if you’re contagious. Massage therapists and chiropractors spend all their time in your personal space and everyone else they are going to treat that day as well. Sickness can quickly spread through a clinic. If you’re past the contagious stage, both treatments can reduce the time you are ill but sometimes increase the effects of what you’re fighting.

Tips for a strong immune system:
  • Hydrate: a half a gallon of water daily is bare-bones minimum, and drink more if possible.
  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, and wash your hands.
  • Make sure you’re getting plenty of good sleep (7-8 hours is optimal).
  • Supplementation of proper nutrients to support the immune system
  • Keep a positive attitude to reduce mental stress.
  • Regular massage and chiropractic to keep the body a fine-tuned disease-fighting machine.

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