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How Shockwave Therapy Helps Frozen Shoulder

woman-with-upper-back-pain-sq-300Sometimes excruciating and debilitating, frozen shoulder is usually the result of a trauma or injury to the shoulder. Chronically, the shoulder loses more and more motion, until eventually, there’s very little movement. For example, those who are afflicted can’t reach over their head and grab something off a shelf, or they can’t extend their arm out to their side.

What causes it? Sometimes frozen shoulder is due to adhesions or micro traumas that occur in the tendons and ligaments around the shoulder. That’s why it’s critical to increase blood flow to the area, so the tissue can slowly heal again.

“These are often old residual injuries that are gradually built up to where we have to revitalize the system again,” said chiropractor in Centennial Dr. Ryan.

Natural Ways to Address Adhesive Capsulitis

Many times people with frozen shoulder do acupuncture or massage to get relief; in particular, some deep tissue work can help to increase circulation to the affected tissue. And that’s what a shockwave does, but it does it much quicker and more efficiently. That’s because shockwave therapy allows us to get deeper into the tissue, without having to use needles, as is the case, of course, with acupuncture.

Those other therapies can be very beneficial, but a primary advantage of shockwave is it’s a fast therapy.

Quick Results With Shockwave Therapy

Typically, in just four to five visits, we can see significant results. And when it comes to improvement, people usually experience increased range of motion in the shoulder and accompanying decreased pain.

The Value of Maintenance Sessions

You may wonder if after a shoulder becomes unfrozen, you need to continue therapy.

The short answer: it depends. Let’s say after five treatments, for example, we work on it and it’s opened up. If you have the full range of motion you’re comfortable with, then that’s all you’ll need.

Now, if you use your arm a lot for doing some type of manual labor, you may want to get regular sessions to keep the area loose and open but the choice is yours.

Wondering if shockwave therapy can help your frozen shoulder? Call Spine Body Collective today to book an appointment.

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