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Ease Anxiety With Chiropractic Care

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From conflicts around the globe to job-related stress, it’s no wonder many suffer from anxiety these days. While self-care measures such as relaxation techniques or exercising can ease tension, we also recommend upper cervical chiropractic care.

A Focus on the Upper Cervical Region

At Spine Body Collective in Centennial, Colorado, we focus on the top two bones of the neck, where they meet the base of the skull; this is called the upper cervical region, where we have a high density of nerves constantly carrying messages to and away from the brain.

Many of these nerves are heavily involved with actions in our body that promote relaxation, like

  • Deeper breathing
  • Better hormone control
  • Improved sleep
  • Better processing when it comes to our body being less reactive

We’ve all been in that state where we’re under anxiety and stress. We’re short-tempered, we’re quick to react, and we don’t process very well. Many of those nerves that counteract that come from the upper cervical area, and they help us to be calm and process the situation,” said chiropractor Dr. Ryan Ronnebaum.

Restrictions From Repetitive Stresses

Many types of repetitive stresses or traumas, which could be from auto accidents, sports injuries, or something simple like regularly spending hours looking down at a screen, can produce significant restriction and tightness in the upper cervical area.

Do You Have Static in Your System?

When that tension is present, it impedes messages coming out from the brain, so all those good messages that we want—to help balance the body, help the body process and relax, get good sleep, and digest food properly—get blocked.

Consider those old-school radios where you must adjust the dial to get a clear signal and reduce the static. When the messages from the brain aren’t flowing properly, it creates static in the communication and our body has difficulty responding to stress which increases anxiety.

The Benefit of Our Specific Adjustments

By assessing these areas and doing specific adjustments (we call it clearing the upper cervical spine), we can reduce the static and help the body to modulate better and perform more calmly. For example, we can feel less stressed during the holidays, or little things don’t make us as irritated as they may have in the past.

Upper cervical care is similar to many other therapies out there, like neurofeedback. “It’s all about resetting that neurological pattern so our body understands how to respond to stress. And if our nerves are communicating properly, we will be much more efficient at that,” said Dr. Ryan.

Other Services to Help You De-Stress

In addition to chiropractic care, we offer massage therapy and shockwave therapy that help reduce muscular tension.

While we can’t eliminate stress, we can help your body respond to it better. Call Spine Body Collective today to book an appointment!


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